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Department of Statistics

Recreational Activities

Several times a semester we organize a games night, usually in the CDI building. Statisticians from all years meet here and play board games together. Last but not least we have increased our selection of games. So there is something for every taste.

Since 2006 we statisticians also run as a team at the Campus Run. In addition, we always fight for the fun cup for the best costumes.

Doppelkopf is one of the great passions of many statisticians. Therefore, a double head tournament has been organized every semester for a long time. In the CDI building we play until the early morning hours for the Doppelkopf cup of the Fachschaft Statistik. A special feature are the many different rule variations. Whether it is played classically, according to sofa room rules or one of the other variants, is decided by lot before each round.

Once a semester there is the Statistician Party. Then a party is organized for statisticians and friends, whose charm lies precisely in its manageability. But that doesn't mean that the party doesn't go on until the morning.

On a Sunday in the summer semester every year teams with graduates, staff and of course mainly students of the department play for the victory in the annual Soccer tournament of the statistics student council.

During the winter semester, four sports are played at once: Basketball, soccer, dodgeball, and volleyball are the disciplines of our annual Multisport Tournament held in the Otto Hahn gyms.

Every year during the summer semester when it is nice and warm outside, we host a Beach Volleyballtournament.

Growing in popularity over the past few semesters and earning its place in the semester schedule is the Cocktail Night. Once a semester, we transform into bartenders and create delicious cocktails at student-friendly prices.

On the popular werewolf evening we play with you for one evening "Die Werwölfe von Düsterwald". This is an amusing role-playing game about the inhabitants of the village Düsterwald and their search for the secret villains...

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