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Department of Statistics

Mailinglist for tutoring in statistics

Statistics is required in many courses of study, but it is not always very popular.

Since we often get requests for tutoring, we have set up a mailing list to which you can write if you are looking for statistics tutoring. These mails are then sent to statistics students who have signed up for this list. Especially during the exam period, the need for tutoring is very high, so sign up for the mailing list quickly!

For tutors

If you want to earn a little bit besides your studies and feel confident to impart your knowledge to others, you can subscribe to the mailing list and receive requests for tutoring. Just write a (blank) mail to nachhilfe+subscribestatistik.tu-dortmundde. You will be asked for confirmation. Likewise, you can unsubscribe from the mailing list with an (empty) mail to nachhilfe+unsubscribestatistik.tu-dortmundde.

For those seeking tutoring

If you are looking for tutoring, just send an email with the following information to nachhilfestatistik.tu-dortmundde:

  • Event for which you need help (subject & semester)
  • Scope of tutoring requested
  • Dates: For or by when tutoring is needed
  • Exact learning objectives

With any luck someone from the mailing list will get back to you and help you out!

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